Reason #301 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: You Are What You Is

zappaFrank’s last, truly great album, You Are What You Is is (are?) full of his trademark scatology, puerile subject matter and blistering musicality he is (are?) known for. I have friends who really hate this album, and pretty much all of Zappa’s “popular” material. They call it childish, sexist, and worst of all a sell out. Frank knew this and has stated his primary motivation was to fund his more, ahem, serious platters. I dunno, the noodling stuff is fine and great (Hot Rats being a particular favorite, 200 Hotels not so much), but there is something immensely satisfying with songs like Goblin Girl, Dumb All Over and Harder Than Your Husband. It appeals to the 13 year old boy I locked away in this 47 year old body years ago when I “grew up”, musically speaking.

Here’s Goblin Girl, ’cause I know you wanna.