Reason #303 Why the ’80’s Didn’t Suck: The Walk EP

The-Cure-The-Walk-65922Staying on my EP tangent, here’s The Walk, my first introduction to The Cure and one that has had a lasting effect on me over 30 years later. Containing only 4 songs with the title track being the undisputed highlight, he Walk is notable for containing no less than 2 other stone cold Cure classics: The Upstairs Room and La Ment. The fourth, The Dream, is well, dreamy but kind of forgettable. To me this is where the Cure begins. All that came before–Pornography, Seventeen Seconds, Faith, Three Imaginary Boys–I have come to appreciate, but not love. Too dreary. My favorite era of The Cure is from The Walk EP (1983) to Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me (1987). ’89’s Disintegration, the album most regard as their classic, was a hard one for me to get into.

I eventually did “get” Disintegration, but those short 4+ years remain my favorite period, and it all started with The Walk.