Counterbalance: XTC’s SKYLARKING

xtcTo me there is no debating the brilliance of Skylarking. Out of the thousands of albums I have heard in my lifetime, and the dozens of times I have listened to Skylarking (in it’s entirety. It’s the only way to fly with this one, trust me!), it remains way, way up there with my all time favorites.

The fine folks over at Popmatters, a far better and more balanced pop culture site than, say, Pitchfork (had to get that in), is having a discussion on the merits of this masterpiece. Again, I didn’t think it was possible to not become a drooling fanatic after listening to this album, but the dude on counterpoint seems to think it a forgettable LP.

Head on over by clicking anywhere on this sentence to join the conversation, or leave me a comment about how you feel about this album, or XTC in general.