Reason #308 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Construction Time Again

DMMy second favorite Depeche Mode album containing my #1 Depeche Mode song: Everything Counts. Alan Wilder, master arranger, really helped this band escape the plinkity plonk amateurism (but still endearing) of the first two albums. CTA had a darker sound, not quite industrial, but definitely more complicated and heavy.

Opener Love In Itself sets the tone with a driving keyboard sequence and singer Gahan sounding like he aged 20 years from the last album. Two Minute Warning reflected the fears of the time and is a tad dated, but The Landscape Is Changing, Pipeline and Told You So all pointed towards the world trotting giants they would become in just 2 albums time. If this album had contained the single-only Get The Balance Right it would probably be my favorite DM album.

If you can, get your hands on the Collector’s Edition, which includes the album in 5.1, has a pretty nifty “Making Of” style vid, and contains some extra tracks to boot.