Reason #310 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Street Songs

rickThose who know me well are aware I’ve a penchant for The Funk. Or, more to the point, Classic Funk . Bootsy Collins, James Brown in the early ’70’s, The Temptations Psychedelic Soul era, Sly, George Clinton and his motley crew of revolving members, Rose Royce, you know: FUNK.

The cocaine, the violence, the endless (but extremely right on the money and very funny) skits on Chapelle’s Show, MC Hammer’s watered down Can’t Touch This, all have contributed to clouding the fact that this is indeed a classic, and one of the very last true funk albums released before rap came along and changed the game. It’s the one with Super Freak on it, yes, but Give It To Me Baby, Below The Funk (Pass The J) and Ghetto Life are all first rate, bass guitar driven, phunky funk FUNK of the highest order. While James gets a little too political on Mr Policeman the majority of the songs are just out for a good time.

Here’s Super Freak…

…and here’s that Chapelle Show sketch.