Give It To Me Baby

I’ve come clean a couple of times regarding my love of the Deluxe/Anniversary/Legacy/Special Edition CD’s that make up a large percentage of physical format music sales nowadays. I’ve spoken about the reasons why as well, so I won’t bore anyone (more than I have to) by regurgitating that now. Each year the offerings of these get a little more obscure. Some might call that ‘barrel scraping’. Believe it or not I am actually quite choosy as to which of these editions I shell out my hard earned for, but let me also say that I have, occasionally, succumbed to what I call Reissue Madness. Overall I can generally control my baser impulses and save up for the special albums of my yoot that truly deserve a makeover.

When I see that some ridiculous/terrible album is being given The Deluxe Treatment (an album with maybe 2 decent songs extended to 150 ‘out takes and demos and live versions and…BLECCHHHH!) I usually think of what deserving albums should have been given the chance instead. I see 20th anniversaries of fantastic albums come and go without so much as a cursory mention, and it drives me crazy! Some entire catalogs have gone ignored.

So instead of cursing out the labels for making such terrible oversights I will sometimes make a list of worthy albums that are in dire need of some recognition/sonic & packaging upgrades and be done with it. Here are a few albums on my wish list:

Teenage Fanclub: Bandwagonesque and Grand Prix

The Jazz Butcher: The entire GLASS RECORDS recordings (a comprehensive box set would be killer!), and Fishcoteque.

Supergrass: I Should Coco, In It For The Money and Life On Other Planets*

Alphaville: Forever Young

The The: Sould Mining/Mind Bomb/Dusk/Infected

Black Grape: It’s Great When You’re Straight…YEAH!

Nick Lowe: The Impossible Bird

Bob and Doug McKenzie: The Great White North

Fuzztones: Lysergic Emanations

Squeeze: East Side Story

Talking Heads: Speaking In Tongues

Hoodoo Gurus: Mars Needs Guitars!

J Geils Band: Love Stinks and Freeze Frame

KLF: The White Room

The Smiths: Any album

Max Webster: Max Webster

Nasty Rox Incorporated: CA$H

Peter Gabriel: III (Melt)

Teenage Head: Frantic City

Repo Man OST

The Cramps: A Date With Elvis

Roger Hodgson: In The Eye Of The Storm

Lilac Time: Self Titled

Sigue Sigue Sputnik: Flaunt It

Wonder Stuff: Never Loved Elvis and HUP!

Yello: You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess

Split Enz: True Colours

*Literally as I was typing this list into WordPress I get an EBlast notifying me that I Should Coco will be getting the Deluxe treatment for it’s 20th anniversary! Yeah!