Reason #319 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Shabooh Shoobahh

inxsINXS were never the coolest of bands, growing up. In my high school, and especially in the pack of punks etc I traveled with, they were lumped in the same bucket as Culture Club and Madonna. Like I said…not cool.  Right or wrong I have to admit I judged them more on this than I did their music, but I have since formed a sort of respect for the albums they did up until Kick, which were pretty subversive under close analysis.

Back to Shabooh Shoobah. It must have been late ’82 or sometime in early ’83, when I was 14, that I first laid ears on INXS. They opened for The Kinks at Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto’s hockey arena and the place all of the Monster acts played when they came ’round, and they were friggin’ fantastic! The saxophonist had a Mohawk; they rocked the house, man, and singer Michael Hutchence was the very definition of a dynamic front-man. Shabooh Shoobah was their latest album and if memory served they played almost all of the tracks off of it, ending their set with the amazing album closer Don’t Change. The album may not be credited as among their best, but I think it is better than Kick. More honest, anyway.

How were The Kinks? Bloody fantastic. Of course.