Kanye West Is A D-Bag!

Look, I haven’t watched the Grammy’s in a loooooong time. I learned a while back that the “artists” who receive these awards are rarely deserving. It’s not like the Oscars, which to me is a fairly accurate gauging of the best of the best. There’s some politics going down, don’t get me wrong, but it’s been my experience that the truly deserving at the very least get nominated. For example rarely does a Michael Bay movie get nominated for anything but special effects. But the Grammy winners, for the most part, are all Michael Bays.

Beck Hansen, winner of Album Of The Year last night, hasn’t put out anything worth writing home about since 2006’s The Information. But he has released some fairly groundbreaking albums in his time, and as far as I know has remained a fairly humble guy. Kanye West, no matter how many 9.7’s Pitchfork gives his albums, is a no-talent blow hard. Nobody with any real talent has to mouth off about how wonderful he is on such a consistent basis. His buddy Beyonce doesn’t write her own music, is auto tuned to within an inch of her life, and hasn’t been relevant….ever, at least not to me. Nothing against her personally, she seems decent enough, but what she records is just computer generated muzak (don’t dare call it ‘soul’!), on a par with what’s considered ‘country’ nowadays. I don’t think it’s a matter of opinion, either; they’re popular, sure, but who’s buying their records? Are people going to be discussing their music in a couple decades time? Not a chance.

It’s the Simon Cowell, corperate molded and approved safe shite that wins each and every time. Actually, that said I’m puzzled why the members of Nickleback don’t have Grammy awards littering their McMansions.

OK, so I’m rambling. The reason I felt compelled to start typing is due to Mr. Kardashian’s reaction to Beck winning the Album Of The Year prize. From TIME:

“West, though, made his own spotlight several more times over the course of the evening. Most notably, during the presentation of the Album of the Year trophy, West went up to the microphone as though to interrupt winner Beck. The rapper’s reputation has never fully recovered from the 2009 incident in which he interrupted Taylor Swift at the Video Music Awards; Swift, like Beck, had beaten West’s friend Beyoncé. This seemed a bit more like a play on West’s reputation than a moment of genuine anger — West cracked a small smile as he walked up to Beck’s microphone, then wordlessly returned to his seat — but the rapper made it clear at other moments he was unhappy with the pageantry of the awards show.

West said he was angry about Beyoncé’s loss, noting: “Beck needs to respect artistry. He should have given his award to Beyoncé.” It’s worth noting, perhaps, that West was nominated for two Grammys last night, and lost them both.

A dick move, from the biggest dick in the industry, plain and simple, a no-talent sore loser attention craving hack.