Reason #320 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Frenzy!

mojoThis was my introduction to outsider roots rocker/psychotic hillbilly Mojo Nixon. At this time he was still performing with sidekick Skid Roper, whose preferred method of percussion was a hockey stick outfitted with some kind of bell/cymbal/washboard contraption–he would then hit an upside down old fashioned washbucket with it.

Mojo was the singer and played the guitar, and if you’ve never seen him the best I can do in order to give you an idea of what the man is like in concert is to try and picture a manic George Thorogood on some sort of hallucinogen. The song titles should give you an idea: “Stuffin’ Martha’s Muffin’” (showing his age, here, using a first round MTV Veejay as his subject—Martha Stewart for all you kiddies out there…), “I Hate Banks”, “Where The Hell’s My Money?” (a hilarious 1st person account of getting screwed by a concert promoter.), “I’m Living With A Three Foot Antichrist” (a song about parenthood), “Burn Down The Malls” and one of my personal favorites “Jesus At McDonalds” (“I saw Buddha at a Burger King”). There’s even a wonderfully sparse reading of In A Gadda De Vita, surprisingly reverent, and an Alice Cooper cover of Be My Lover!

It’s wonderfully weird stuff, and fun as hell. For someone as seemingly throwaway as Mojo he sure has lasted a long time, too. He’s still releasing albums and has even collaborated with punk rock survivor Jello Biafra! Not for everyone, but it was/is for me.

Here’s a reunion video of Mojo and Skid in 2012 singing Stuffin’artha’s Muffin’: