Manic Street Preachers: The Holy Bible


To name your album that, and then to fill each of the songs to the brim with grim imagery about walking abortions and anorexia, to name but two examples, right at the dawn of Britpop, took some massive balls. The fact that the music is some of the most exhilarating, not to mention progressive, you will ever hear, only adds to the power. Grim subject matter, tragic band history and aesthetics aside (really look at that cover), this is a terrific hurricane of an album, one that I discovered late in the game but hold dear to my heart and whose 10th anniversary edition (with great 2nd disc and even better bonus DVD) occupies a special place in my music collection.

Here is a terrific write up on what this album means to a Quietus corespondent, and his review on the band’s recent live show playing the album in it’s entirety. Worth your time. Click anywhere in this paragraph.

…and here is an EVEN MORE terrific narrative on that same show from regular commenter and all around fantastic blogger, 1537!