Reason #325 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: For Those About To Rock

acdcEveryone have a nice Christmas? Gearing up for New Year’s Eve celebrations and need a song to ring in the New Year? How about For Those About To Rock (We Salute You), by venerable bad boys AC/DC? I’d highly recommend it.

I remember being SOOOO excited when this came out. I was 13, and on my way to the mall in London, Ontario Canada with my cousin and aunt, to go shopping. There was only one shop I wanted to go to, and only one thing I wanted tucked under my arm when I left: The New AC/DC Album! I saw it there among the other new releases, gold, embossed lettering, oooohhhh, oh yeah baby, here, take my $12.99 and gimmiegimmiegimmie! Tear the cellophane off with my teeth and open up the gatefold, stick my nose in deep and sniff! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Read the lyrics on the way too long ride home, throw it on when we arrive and…was highly disappointed. The title track, first out of the gate, was terrific, but it seemed to me that each successive song just got worse, and worse and worse. Back in those days when you bought ab album you lived with it for a number of weeks. It was a financial and emotional investment. I still didn’t cotton to it like I had with Back and Black, and it seemed especially weak when compared to the Bon Scott era albums (High Voltage and Powerage my #1 and #2 picks for these guys).

I hadn’t given this a full spin in decades, but did a few months back and decided, in lieu of what the band had put out since, this is one of the better AC/DC albums, at least the 2nd best thing they released in the ’80’s. One of my initial issues with it is in the lyrics. Now, I enjoy a good sophomoric lyric, but only if it’s done with tongue firmly planted in cheek (See? Told you so! You dirty, dirty person). The lyrics here are a little too obvious for my taste (Inject The Venom? Let’s Get It Up? Snowballed?), but the music is top notch, classic AC/DC, all the way brothers and sisters! Here. Have a listen: