IPod R.I.P.

So Apple is discontinuing the Ipod Classic. Hmmmm. Kind of bummed about this decision, and it all comes down to storage space. For freaks like me with tens of thousands of songs on their current 160GB device will now have to settle for…less, with an Ipod touch, which has a capacity of, well…less. OK, fine, technology marches on and all that blahblahblah. I’ll deal with it.

This announcement forced me into a moment of reflection, where the various storage and playback devices of my youth flashed before my eyes in a matter of seconds. Below is a series of photos of those devices (not the actual ones, of course, but close facsimiles), in chronological order, of course!

art Aart Bart B.5art Cart C.5art DArt EArt FArt Gquestion

oh, and I almost forgot about this…