Reason #330 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Technique

new order techI can remember the furor that erupted within the New Order faithful when this album was released. “They’ve gone dance, and worse, they’ve gone POP!!!”

Well…in my eyes (and ears) New Order had always been a dance pop band. Not just any dance pop band, but the first and the best. Yes, the band were influenced somewhat by the Ibiza acid house scene at that time, but truth be told what’s on this platter ain’t all that different than what was on, say, Low-Life. And just as good. New Order albums are notable for a number of reasons, but their opening gambit on each of their ‘80’s releases are just phenomenal, and Fine Time here is no exception. To me it ranks in New Order’s Top 5 songs EVER, and the rest of the album never, ever takes their foot off the quality pedal, right to the very end with the fantastic Dream Attack. Truth be told I haven’t given any of New Order’s ’90’s and beyond albums much attention; I don’t want to have to constantly compare them to the amazing 5 that came before. An impossibly high bar, to be certain.