Reason #331 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Liquidizer

jesus jones liqI seriously debated whether or not I should include Liquidizer in this here little list of mine. On one hand I think some of the songs have dated rather poorly; on the other hand you’ve got Info Freako, one of the finest (and earliest) examples of how to do a rock/techno song the right way.

I remember I bought this CD, along with Pretty Hate Machine (debut by Nine Inch Nails) at a Yonge Street record store in Toronto (Sam The Record Man, or other?), and loved the heck out of it. I thought it was the perfect blend of aggressive and tuneful. It wanted to be all things at once (techno, a little hip hop, industrial, pop, rock, etc) and damned well achieved it. Other than Info Freako, songs such as opener Move Mountains, Song 13 and Never Enough remain the standouts; the others, for the most part, kind of blend in together as nothing especially memorable, tune-wise anyway.

The follow up in 1991, Doubt, was much more consistent. I saw them live, once; opening for the far superior Pop Will Eat Itself, but singer/songwriter Mike Edwards’ belligerent antics forced me off the Jesus Jones train for good and all. But in 1989 they were still fresh, and this album remains an enjoyable and highly interesting document of the decade.