Reason #332 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Lysergic Emanations

fuzztonesThe Fuzztones appeal to my inner teenager. They are crass, sloppy, derivative, puerile, loud, and definitely one of the best bands on the planet! They were garage before it was hip to be, and this debut gives us 14 stellar reasons why they remain the best of the so-called garage revivalists. The E.C.horror comic-like cover art is also a BIG plus for me.

Lysergic Emanations is The Cramps, but louder and more competent with their instruments. The Cramps are from the swamp, the Fuzztones are from the New York sewer system. All instruments are vintage (vox organ, guitars, amps, etc), and singer Rudy Protrudi (yeah, I told you they had a puerile bent to ‘em) sounds like he time-warped from Roswell, New Mexico circa 1965. There are many classics here: Gotta Get Some, Ward 81, a terrific cover of Strychnine, She’s Wicked (a Little Steven radio staple), Hwy 69 and my personal favorite, Cinderella.

It is just a fantastic vintage rock and roll record, highly recommended and very, very hard to find in its physical form. But worth every ounce of effort.