Reason #333 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: CA$H

nasty roxNast Rox Inc. were a dance/rock hybrid in the late ‘80’s, a cross between Jesus Jones and Renegade Soundwave, and the thing that made them stand out, to my ears anyway, were the live drums. After years of programmed beats the sound of a real, live acoustic kit was refreshing, to say the least. The whole band was funky, actually, and their first single, Escape From New York, was a hit. Their debut album (their one and only album, actually, CASH) kind of stiffed, though, in comparison. Here’s an early press release, source unknown. It could be from their label, ZTT, but the writing is not sharp enough to be from the pen of Paul Morley:

“At the gig were ZTT’s Gill Sinclair, Trevor Horn, Paul Morley, and Steve Lipson. After the first song Horn burst into spontaneous applause, by the end of the fifth (during which the band dropped in a scratch of a Yes song that Horn had produced), the former Buggles’ god was agog. An immediate conference took place outside in the ZTT car and a week later Nasty Rox Inc were signed to what was then still the most prestigious label in the land.

Boiling with riffs, and bristling with scratches, the bands’ songs have the imperative pre-ejaculatory tensions of all great music. Like the excitement of The Beaties or That Petrol Emotion live, with the sheer thrill of Public Enemy’s recorded high-spots, Nasty Rox have come up with the right amounts of power, ability, and creativity to explode all the best strains of gritty underground and turn it into a living room terror.”

I loved the whole album, and while it has dated I still get a thrill listening to it. I believe the album is available on ITunes, but for the longest time the thing was impossible to find. I found a ripped vinyl version a while back only to find out it was my Canadian buddy, and fellow music fanatic, who had ripped the only example to be found at that point.
For fans of Pop Will Eat Itself, ZTT, Renegade Soundwave, Carter USM, Beastie Boys.