Reason #339 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: The Black Album

black album

Just look at that album cover. I mean, how much more black could this be? The answer is, of course, none. None more black.

The Black album is where Damned singer Dave Vanian’s goth tendencies started to flower, but the old Spirit Of ’77 was still evident here, albeit more polished. Like the Clash one year prior, The Damned saw fit to release a double album; unlike that Clash effort, though, there is enough filler here that one could easily chop this sucker down to one amazing disk. The title, an almost too obvious homage to the Beatles very own 2-disk sprawler, works as a clue for those that get the joke what musical schizophrenia lies within.

Really, do I ever need to hear all 17 minutes of Curtain Call again? Obviously, no. There goes almost 30% right there. What’s left is terrific. Hans Zimmer—yes, that Hans Zimmer, guest-synthed (?) on the great History Of The World (Part 1), and even though the band has blasted it as “overproduced”, I consider it a favorite. Likewise opener Wait For The Blackout, a classic Damned single if there ever was one, and a great gateway song leading to their next great album, Phantasmagoria.

Not quite punk and not quite goth, but still quite good. Here’s a great live version of Wait For The Blackout.