Reason #344 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: I Often Dream Of Trains

robyn_hitchcock_-_i_often_dream_of_trainI feel supremely confident that Mr. Robyn Hitchcock will be represented on this list by no less than 6 entries, representing pretty much a vast majority of his ‘80’s output. This is #2 out of the 6. In my opinion there are two types of Hitchcock albums: Full band and solo acoustic (well, mostly acoustic, and mostly solo) ones. I Often Dream Of Trains is of the second type, and it is his most varied, weird, spooky, psychedelic, tuneful album, and one that requires multiple listens over multiple years to finally grasp and take to your heart; because it’s dense, and very, very weird. Did I tell you that it’s a weird album? The Madcap Laughs on acid kind of weird? It bears repeating, ‘cause it is.

It’s also very beautiful, containing some of Robyn’s very best and most intricate acoustic guitar musings. Trams Of Old London is one of these beauties, but the amazing Autumn Is Your Last Chance goes even further. It’s his Waterloo Sunset. Uncorrected Personality Traits, Furry Green Atom Bowl and Sometimes I Wish I Were A Pretty Girl are but three of the “odd, funny” ones, but that doesn’t take away their greatness. The whole album is held together by two short pieces (Nocturne (Prelude) and Nocturne (Demise)), which gives the album a bit of a ‘concept’ feel, but I’ll be damned if I can tell you just what the concept is!

Here’s a LIVE version of the title track for your viewing enjoyment: