Reason #345 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Tug Of War

tug of warMy first experience with the music of Paul McCartney was, of course, hearing the Beatles. It was the RED double compilation album. My first experience with Wings was through their excellent, 1978 single disc compilation entitled, simply, “Wings Greatest”. My first brush with a McCartney solo effort was Tug Of War. As a matter of fact I consider Tug Of War McCartney’s best post Beatles effort. Band On The Run and RAM come close, but this edges them out.

A couple of quick reasons why I consider this to be Paul McCartney’s best solo album:

1. George Martin produced it.
2. It was the first album McCartney recorded after the death of John Lennon, which to me adds a great deal of emotional heft to the whole.
3. Carl Perkins, Stevie Wonder (c’mon, lay off Ebony and Ivory, already!), Andy Mackay, George Martin, Denny Laine and freakin’ Ringo Starr all guest star on various tracks!
4. In my opinion it contains some of his finest pop moments in the title track, Ballroom Dancing and Take it Away.

I also thought that Sir Peter Blake designed the album cover, but I cannot find any proof of this on the internet. Still, a fabulous cover!

My only qualm being they have yet to reissue a Deluxe version, but given the propensity of McCartney (or his minions) to re-package his material I can’t imagine a 2-disk edition is that far off….