Reason #348 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: No More Cocoons

jelloAs much as I hate to admit it, my favorite punk band (and one of the most important bands of any genre and any decade, period!) went out with a whimper instead of in a blaze of glory.

This wasn’t entirely their fault, of course. I blame Tipper Gore, the PMRC, and others (you know who you are…). It’s an interesting story, and if you care to delve further the fine goblins and ghouls that update Wikipedia can certainly help you. I will direct you HERE to read all about it.

When the DK’s disbanded, Jello Biafra jumped in the back of a van and hit the University circuit armed with nothing but a microphone and his caustic wit. His first spoken word effort focuses on censorship, the PMRC, lily livered liberals, devil worshiping republicans, jocks and, of course, Ronald Reagan. So, basically, this is a Dead Kennedys record without the music. BUT, this is not a bad thing for Mr. Biafra is actually a very talented and very well informed man, and for a 19 year old disenchanted man-child like me this stuff was gold, Jerry. GOLD! His lispy, angry delivery is quite effective, but the most shocking element here is that the damn thing is pretty funny! He’s dealing with some serious topics here, as he did with the DK’s, but without East Bay Ray’s cacophonous Dick Dale on acid schtick obscuring the lyrics one can actually pay attention and absorb what the man is saying.

This is some good stuff; especially the end piece entitled The Stars And Stripes Of Corruption. It’ll stick to your ribs, and was enough to save the legacy of one of the best punk bands  to ever grace this planet.