Yet Another Immature Beard Rant…


Don’t know this guy’s music, but this photo is not doing much to convince me I should investigate his back catalog, either. Let’s see…

Pensive, yet arrogant/smug look.

Samurai hair-do.

“Woodland Realm” backdrop.

Scarf, casually wrapped twice ’round, for fashion instead of comfort. A sort of hipster cravat, if you will.

That “soup ‘n’ nuts” beard, so named because I am sure it has plenty of both buried within.

Overall, he looks like a Union Army deserter, but in reality probably just a distant relation to the Hatfield clan.

Sorry, occasionally the beard…I mean, the MOOD…hits me, and I have to lash out. Nothing personal, not really music related, just an angst fueled rant brought on by work stresses.