Reason #353 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Pop Goes The World

men without hatsIf I asked a dozen or so random people on the street to name a song that they feel was indicative of the 1980’s, I’ll bet you a pair of custom neon leg warmers that at least half would say The Safety Dance, by Canada’s own Men Without Hats. The parent album to that song is still brilliant synth-pop (Rhythm Of Youth), and the follow up, while not nearly as consistent (Folk Of The ’80’s) ain’t half bad. But it’s 1987’s effort, Pop Goes The World, that deserves kudos for, at the least, 2nd best.

Men Without Hats had always used acoustic elements in their music, but PGTW marks the 1st time I had heard a flute used in a pop song, and used well, outside of Aqualung. The title track is typical Men Without Hats; bouncy, sing-along and endlessly catchy, while some of the more, ahem, somber and more serious moments include the pastoral On Tuesday (the flute song) and The Real World, but they’re still catchy as hell.

Really, the whole album holds up well today, more so than any other in their discography. And, really, any album than mentions the great Bonhomme (playing drums in below video) is worth a spin or two!