Reason #354 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: New Gold Dream (’81,’82,’83,’84)

simple miIt’s amazing to me that, after showcasing 145 albums, I still haven’t hit on a huge majority of the best of the best the ’80’s produced. New Gold Dream certainly qualifies. I’d even go so far as to place it somewhere in the top 10 albums of the decade, if hard pressed. It’s the album most fans point to as their introduction to the band, although I myself was lucky enough to have heard I Travel  and its parent album Empires and Dance back in 1981, one year after it came ut and one year before this was released.

NGD is, undeniably, Simple Minds peak. Everything is lusher here; from the pure pop of Promised You A Miracle and Glittering Prize to the mini-epics of the title track and King Is White and In The Crowd, Simple Minds had never recorded a better set of songs. The supposed “deep tracks” (read: the non-singles) like Big Sleep (check the bass of Derek Forbes, so underrated it makes me sick) and Colours Fly and Catherine Wheel are just as affecting as the singles, but the real stand out track for me is Someone Somewhere In Summertime, 4:36 seconds of some of the best music ever, period.