Reason #355 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Next Position Please

cheap trickI wish I could include Cheap Trick’s first four albums on this blog, and maybe I will in a post outside the boundaries of this list thing in the future, but for now the one and only Cheap Trick album that’s gonna make this ’80’s centric list is this one. Buy the first 4 anyway, because you need them in your collection. Trust me.

Todd Rundgren, like he would do with The Pychedelic Furs in 1982 (Forever Now) and XTC in ’86 (Skylarking), sprinkles his pop fairy dust all over the place and gets the band back on track, at least for this one album. The trademark vocal harmonies continue to be a high point, as they are with virtually every Cheap Trick record, the difference being a larger sound that sometimes borders on prog-pop.

A couple of sub-par covers aside, and one pretty terrific Rundgren composition, Next Position Please is very worthwhile.

God-awful cover artwork notwithstanding, of course.