Reason #357 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Protest Songs

protest songs“Protest Songs was recorded  and mixed in September 1985, and was originally to be released in December 1985 and chronologically belongs between Steve McQueen and From Langley Park To Memphis.”

So says the (slightly edited by moi) liner notes to Protest Songs, Prefab Sprout’s 4th album released in 1989. Why is this the case? According to allmusic it was shelved because the band and/or their label thought it less commercial than another batch of songs that would eventually make up From Langley Park To Memphis. Given the relative success of Steve McQueen and this albums similarity to that disk, this decision perplexes me to no end. It perplexes me (just can’t get enough of that word!) but it really doesn’t bug me all that much; it’s a terrific little pop record overall and the fact it had such mercurial origins only adds to the charm.