Reason #358 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: East Side Story

squeezeTempted (sung by Paul Carrack) was the big hit off this album, but like the man says, “Wait…there’s more!” Lots more, actually, with the pure pop of In Quintessence, Is That Love, and many more absolute classic examples of how to do power pop the right way. The reason, I think, this album is often cited as their best work, is its diversity. Labeled with Love is an out and out country song, and Vanity Fair, a maudlin but effective story-song that could have been from a Broadway play. Elvis Costello helped focus the band after Jools Holland left the group, and it shows. It is a fantastic Squeeze album, and if all you know by this band are the hits I’d suggest a quick listen to hear what you’ve been missing.