Reason #359 Why The “80’s Didn’t Suck: If You Swear You’ll Catch No Fish

SNFUThe one and only time I saw SNFU live, at some grungy club in Toronto during the ’80’s, some dude puked all over my leather jacket after getting punched by some skinhead in the stomach. I couldn’t get the smell out of it, so I tossed it away. It was a great jacket, too; roughed up black leather that went past my knees…ah, at least I didn’t get any on my Yugoslavian army boots!

The lead singer of SNFU, a crazy mo-fo (but a hell of a nice guy, I understand…right Ron Byron?) who went by the stage name Mr Chi-Pig, was doing back flips and other gymnastics while thrashing around like somebody lit a blow torch up his ass, all the while singing his heart out like a true professional. I have been to an absolute ton of concerts, the majority of which I struggle to remember even the tiniest of details. Not this one. I pretty much remember it all. The opening band was Nomeansno, and they were great, but that’s another post!

This album is the album that best exemplifies what the band sounds like live. Opening track, The Devil’s Voice, starts things off with one of the best punk vocal performances of all time from Chi-Pig, and the best in-song scream since We Won’t Get Fooled Again. Really! Things couldn’t get better after that, but the band manages to keep the quality extremely high with other thrashers such as Where’s My Legs?, Electric Chair and I Forget.

This is one of the top 10 punk albums of all time, folks. If you have any interest in punk, or hardcore, or thrash, you need this in your collection. Just awesome, and hasn’t aged a day.

…and here’s an interview with Mr Chi Pig himself, fairly recently I believe…