Reason #360 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: The Golden Age Of Wireless

golden ageShe Blinded Me With Science wasn’t even on the original pressing of The Golden Age Of Wireless. While that is true, the version I remember had SBMWS as the lead-off track, and while I think it would have been better sequenced nearer the end of the album, having it be a part of the album was no bad decision. That said, the real stand out tracks were One Of Our Submarines, Windpower, Airwaves and, my personal all-time favorite Dolby track Europa And The Pirate Twins. I remember my cousin Jim introducing this album to me and recall being intrigued by the album cover itself first. I didn’t know why at the time but it invoked an old time nostalgia. I later learned that it was an homage to those wonderful sci-fi mags (Popular Science, etc) and/or those $.10 comics (Weird Science/Weird Fantasy) put out by the late, great E.C. Comics.

The music itself sounded international, too, very European, thanks to Dolby’s keyboard wizardry and production prowess. Overall, even though some point to the wonderful follow up (The Flat Earth, another awesome disc, and bound to make this list eventually) as the best Dolby album, I maintain that this, his first, remains his best.