Thrift Store Finds

It’s been a while since I did this, but only because there’s been a definite lack of quality product at the thrift stores the last few months. I decided enough time had passed and stopped by a few of my favorites yesterday. Guess what? I found some stuff!

funkadelicFUNKADELIC: One Nation Under A Groove–Found this at the first store I went to. They had about 120 or so on the shelves, a decent amount and more than usual, but most of the selections were yer typical Barry Manilow Sings The Gospel type of stuff. It wasn’t until half way through their selection that this little beauty presented itself. I almost had a heart attack when I saw it. This is the beauty of second hand music shopping, and the reason I continue to do it on a regular basis. It’s therapy! I was definitely in a better mood after I plunked down my $1.08 for this funky masterpiece.

repomanREPO MAN SOUNDTRACK–I used to have this, on vinyl and on CD, but both escaped my collection over the years, so when I saw this I quickly snatched it up. Worth it for Iggy Pop’s titled track alone, but containing great stuff from Black Flag, The Modern Lovers, Fear, and a fantastic little Spanish cover version of Secret Agent Man.

dreamweaverGARY WRIGHT: Dreamweaver–Love the manliner! Actually, the title track has always been a little guilty pleasure, and I found the rest to be quite a pleasant diversion to the day!

underworldUNDERWORLD: Second Toughest In The Infants–A great, great techno (and more!) album that somehow eluded me over the years. I always had dubnobasswithmyheadman, and own the 3-CD best of, but this has some great tracks that I’d never heard before.

brian setzerBRIAN SETZER ORCHESTRA: Boogie Woogie Christmas–I have a soft spot for Christmas albums, especially swing/jazz/classic pop from the 30’s-60’s, and this one by ex-Stray Cat Setzer is terrific.