Reason #363 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Duke

dukeMost Genesis fanatics have disowned this album as Phil Collins pablum. One of the first things you discover when delving into the history of Genesis is that the band’s discography can be evenly divided into two camps: the Peter Gabriel years (From Genesis To Revelation through The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway) and the Phil Collins years (Everything from A Trick Of The Tail through We Can’t Dance. 1997’s Calling All Stations has been disavowed by BOTH sides, so the less said about it the better.) I myself fall primarily in the first camp, but I really enjoy the albums A Trick Of The Tail, Wind and Wuthering and Duke, which was released in 1980.

So Duke was my first Genesis album, and now that I understand and have absorbed the whole Genesis story I can see that this album was the best example of the prog and the pop sides of Genesis coming together to make a pretty terrific album! The pop: Misunderstanding, Turn It On Again, Alone Tonight. The prog: The Duke ‘Suite’: Duke’s Travels, Duke’s End, Duchess, Cul De Sac. And then there’s those songs that split the two, like Behind The Lines and Duchess.

After this there was only Abacab (great track, but uneven album), and then on to the abhorrent Illegal Alien. Duke was the last great album Genesis would ever make.