Reason #367 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: The Icicle Works

icicle worksThis is a splendid album, and quite the anomaly. Listen to the lyrics and the above par musicianship, odd time changes and you’ll discover that this was a prog rock album released smack dab in the middle of the synthiest decade of all. Is it listed on No, I doubt you’ll find it on any site dedicated to that maligned (but certainly making a commercial and critical comeback!) genre. But have a look at a sample lyric, from the lead off track, Reaping The Rich Harvest:

When day is done, wind in my sails,
With confidence, how could we fail,
Fingers can pass through fire,
And somehow not get burned,
Hang your hopes upon, all you’ve learned,

Chorus: Only when I find you,
Will I use your lines for guidance,
Will I subsequently fumble,
Through the reasons to be gained,
Bind me up with promises, lend me to the wisdom of your ways,
Will you find it in yourself,
To reap the richest harvest then…

Those aisles are long,
With wisdom worn,
And it was here,
Our love was born…

Right? Right? Reads like something off of Nursery Cryme, doesn’t it? The longest song on the album, however, is 5:09, hardly an epic, and there are lots and lots of beautiful melodies and poppy excursions, the most obvious of which is the worldwide hit Birds Fly (A Whisper To A Scream). That song, like so many others on this list, is an albatross; it was so good, and so catchy that it overshadowed everything else on the record, and believe me when I say that everything…EVERYTHING…on here is its equal. As a matter of fact, if you can find it, grab the 2-CD reissue released a few years back as it has a whole albums worth of extremely worthy tracks. Out of all of my hundreds of “Deluxe Reissues” this one has the best bonus songs. It could have been an amazing double album. Thus, here are TWO vids from the ‘Works: