Reason #368 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: How To Be A…Zillionaire!

ABCThere is no dispute that The Lexicon Of Love, ABC’s debut album, is a classic for the ages, not just the 1980’s. This album, on the other hand, has split the fan base right down the middle. At this time the only 2 original members left were Martin Fry (of course), and Mark White; don’t ask me about the little bespectacled bald dude or the platinum blonde on the keyboards, window dressing/session players at the most I reckon. So this album gets little love, and in some ways it is ABC’s most dated sounding record, as Fry and White attempt to up the burgeoning hip-hop quotient with drum machines and samplers. But…but…if you spend some time with this album you just may find that some of these tracks stand out as worthy additions to their catalog. Be Near Me could have appeared on Lexicon, or Beauty Stab, easily and seamlessly; opener Fear Of This World, Vanity Kills, the title track and Between You And Me are all fun stabs at modern pop and hold up pretty well. 15 Story Halo and So Hip It Hurts makes me cringe a bit, but overall this is far from the turkey folks would have you think.