Reason #370 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Distressed Gentlefolk

jazz buthcerThe most under-appreciated artist of the 1980’s, without question. For some reason I get the idea from various articles that The Butcher isn’t too fond of this album. No matter, ’cause I am! I rank it in my top 3  Jazz Butcher albums. It’s a more polished effort, production wise, and just sounds bigger than the others, continuing in the same vein as single Human Jungle, IMO (my favorite Butcher song, ever!), and even contains a hint of…jazz (the scabrous Who Loves You now?). Everything else is primo, Grade “A”  Jazz Butcher tunage, finding Mr. Fish and Co. at the top of their game. The humor is still intact, as evidenced by the lovely ditties Domestic Animal and Hungarian Love Song. My GOD there’s even a ballad (Angels), and it’s tastefully done without even a hint of irony!

A beautiful artifact. For those who dig Edwyn Collins, Robyn Hitchcock this is a must.