Reason #372 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Speak and Spell

depeche modeThere was a time when Depeche Mode didn’t wear leather, look like U2 and, well…suck. That time was the 1981-1990, and this is the album that started it all. The 1 thing every junior music aficionado knows about this album is that Vince Clarke wrote most of the tunes here. As a matter of fact, other than Tora Tora Tora! and Big Muff (both written by Martin Gore) and Just Can’t Get Enough (co-written by Clarke and Gore), he wrote them all! Then Clatke left, founded Yaz, and Depeche Mode never sounded as triumphantly giddy, naive and fresh as they do here. New Life and Dreaming Of Me are about as good a definition of “Electro-Pop” as you’re gonna find. Not as arty as OMD, nor as dark as Gary Numan, but a hell of a lot more fun!