I Rediscovered The Beatles Today, Oh Boy…

I, your humble host, will be posting missives that are not directly related to the 1980’s, occasionally, and as the mood strikes. While I started this blog as a pure, 80’s centric challenge to me that I could find and speak about 500 albums, or songs, that mattered during this most maligned of decades, I also have a great appreciation for the tunes of the ‘60’s, the ‘70’s, the ‘90’s and whatever you call the last 13 years of this new millennium.

I had another blog, entitled Uncle E’s Musical Nightmares that I recently discontinued after almost eight years of “service”, for lack of a better term. I just felt I went as far as I could with the concept, and had pretty much said everything I wanted to say.

Occasionally, though, I’ll feel the need to write about some band, or some album, that was released in a different decade other than the one Reagan was a part of. In other words, I need some slack to vary the formula from time to time. Change it up, you know? This next post is “one of those posts”. Back to the 1980’s soon, I promise, but for now I hope you will all indulge me. Or, go browse the other fine ‘80’s sites over there on the right rail, and I’ll see you back here in a while.

beatlesI’m in my car, traveling between my 2 offices (90 miles apart) with the iPod in its “shuffle” mode, and my musical mindset is not jivin’ with what’s shufflin’. I’m tapping that NEXT symbol so much I almost run off the road somewhere around Folsom, CA and then “Help” by the Beatles comes on. My finger stops twitching, my driving becomes stable, and I listen in the dark.

I mean really listen.

I enjoy it so much that I stop all of this random shuffle crap and go directly to a Beatles play list I created when I first got my iPod. It contains choice cuts from everything prior to Rubber Soul, and absolutely everything they released after that milestone album. So, a lot.

An hour and a half passes like it was a millisecond. I mean, my God, was there ever a band that evolved so fast in so little a time frame, and was so freakishly consistent in the quality of its songs, and will there ever be another? Everyone reading this knows the answer to those questions. Just listen to Love Me Do, Paperback Writer, Tomorrow Never Knows, A Day In The Life, Helter Skelter and Hey Jude all in a row sometime. It’s freakin’ evil that’s afoot, I’m tellin’ ya! “Sign here, in blood if you wouldn’t mind, Mr. Lennon. Mr. McCartney, you’re next…”, sayeth the Devil.

Fans all over the globe are currently celebrating 50 years of the Beatles, and I am no exception. I actually know a couple of guys who claim to not only dislike the music of the Beatles, but actually question their talents as pop songwriters. In other words, they believe them hugely overrated. That, to me, is just insane. The Beatles are the one band that can unite multiple generations of music lovers. If you don’t at least have a passing fondness for this band then I am afraid you’re too up your own ass to qualify as a music lover. Is that a tad harsh? Not in my world. Whether you’re a punk, a mod, a headbanger, a pschedelihead, a classic rocker, a soft rocker, a goth kid, a folkie, a raver, a whatever: you wouldn’t be enjoying the music you’re currently spinning if it weren’t for the many innovations, sonic and otherwise, this band pioneered in the 7+ short years they were a functioning unit.

After my trip ends I come to the conclusion that I don’t make a point to listen to The Beatles nearly enough. That’s possibly due to the fact that I am so dang familiar with their body of work that I kind of take it for granted. It’s tough to really appreciate their influence and brilliance when you’ve heard it so many times, but every once in a while I can pretend that I’ve never heard the White Album, or Revolver, or Sgt Peppers, or Abbey Road or (insert album of choice here) and be absolutely blown away.


Here are my top 30 favorite Beatles songs…today. Tomorrow’s list may vary.


Dear Prudence

A Day In The Life


Tomorrow Never Knows

Got To Get You Into My Life

I Feel Fine

Day Tripper

Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite

Drive My Car

Can’t Buy Me Love

I Saw Her Standing There

In My Life

All Together Now

Hey Bulldog

Here Comes The Sun

Abbey Road Side II Suite (is this cheating?)

Two Of Us

Get Back


Glass Onion

Sexy Sadie

Paperback Writer

Revolution (fast)

Ballad Of John and Yoko

Love Me Do

Savoy Truffle

Ticket To Ride

Eight Days A Week

Rock and Roll Music