Reason #374 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Get Happy!

elvis costelloHOLY COW! 125 posts down the line and NO ELVIS COSTELLO?!?! What’s wrong with me? Let’s remedy that by pointing out that Get Happy wasn’t just one of the best album’s of the 1980’s, but IMO Costello’s finest album period. But Costello’s like that, isn’t he? Everyone you ask will give you a different answer: This Years Model, My Aim Is True, Blood and Chocolate, Armed Forces, etc etc etc. For me, though, Get Happy is where it’s at. Punk fury met head on by your friendly neighborhood pop group, complete with Steve Nieve and his psycho circus organ viciously pounding away at his battered keyboards . It’s the Attractions finest hour, period, and Costello’s finest hour as a songwriter and singer. 20 songs zoom by in a little under 50 minutes. t was supposed to be Elvis’ answer to soul music, but it works any way you look at it. Secondary Modern, Love For Tender, Moods For Moderns, New Amsterdam and especially I Can’t Get Up (For Falling Down) are all classics.  I may love Armed Forces (missed this decade by thaaaaaaat much!) more but I listen to this more often.