Aztec Camera: High Land, Hard Rain, Reviewed…Again.

aztecNot by me, though….The new “deluxe” remaster is out again, and although this is one of my favorite albums I already bought my last version, the hardback “Deluxe” Edition a couple years ago, and since I’m still very happy with it, I’ll pass on this one. But any chance to give this album some praise is a good thing, and this review goes into far more detail than I did, so read on!

While technically a band, Aztec Camera was always the creative brainchild of Scotsman Roddy Frame. On the debut LP High Land, Hard Rain, released in 1983 through Rough Trade in the UK and via Sire in the US, he made an outstanding case for himself as one of the decade’s great pop music auteurs. The album embraced intelligence and sophistication as it abandoned any pretense to a rapidly aging punk standard that spawned it, and if it isn’t perfect, 30 years after High Land, Hard Rain’s making it wears its minor flaws very gracefully.