Reason #376 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: The Orange Juice

The_Orange_JuiceMost would have you believe that this swansong from Scottish band Orange Juice is somehow sub-par and undeserving to sit alongside Ostrich Churchyard, You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever, EP Texas Fever or even Rip It Up, their breakthrough. I say that’s bullshit, and would go so far as to rank it second best, the first being You Can’t Hide Your Love. For those of you who care, Texas Fever comes next, then Rip It Up bringing up the rear. Ostrich Churchyard was never a concern for me, more of a curio (HERESAY!!!!).

Newcomers only familiar with the more popular efforts by front-man Edwyn Collins would do well to start here, actually, as many of these songs would fit beautifully on Gorgeous George. Top notch Collins, I’m tellin’ you what! The funkiest of the bunch, too.