Reason #378 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Phatasmagoria

The_Damned_-_PhantasmagoriaGo ahead and get it out of your system and call this Damned-Lite, or Baby Goth, or whatever. It matters not, because I call this the best damned Damned album there ever was! OK, maybe the second, or even their their third best, but AMONG their best, certainly! No Captain, which is a bit of a drag, but the bass of Byrn Merrick are fine and dandy, thank you, and Roman Jugg does a decent job with the electric 6 string. There’s not a dud in the pack on this one: the comedic Grimly Fiendish (the name of a character on the Flintstones you’ll remember, if you’re of a certain..ahem…vintage), Street Of Dreams, Shadow Of Love, and Is It A Dream are all first rate Damned songs. They always had a little goth in ’em, especially the theatrics of Dave Vanian. They just let them out of the cage for this one album.