Reason #379 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: The Rise and Fall

madnessIf The Specials were the Beatles, The Beat were The Stones, then Madness would HAVE to be The Kinks of the second coming of Ska, back in the late ’70’s. While The Beat and Specials only lasted long enough to release a fistful of albums (all quality, mind), Madness never really left, and released what I consider their best album 31 years after their debut!

Their second best album is Madness Presents The Rise and Fall, released in Jolly Old 1982. This is the album that sounds the most like that 2010 masterpiece I spoke of earlier (if you don’t know what album I’m speaking of then you deserve to have all of your KISS albums burned in front of your eyes! Go out and buy it NOW!!). It’s a mature (ewwwwww!) album full of English remembrances/nostalgia and grown up concerns. Our House, the only Madness song most North Americans are aware of, is the standout, but the whole thing is packed to the rafters with quality tunes, like Blue Skinned Beast, Primrose Hill and my personal favorite Tomorrow’s Just Another Day.

Allmusic says that The Rise and Fall fits right smack in between The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society and Blur’s Parklife. They’re not wrong. The video below for Tomorrow’s Just Another Day is terrific, by the way.