Reason #384 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Brotherhood

brotherhoodBrotherhood, for some reason or another, is where I originally parted ways with New Order, which means that I totally lost out on the pleasures of the next album, Technique, the first time when it was originally released. It’s now a favorite, and since it was released in 1989 it will no doubt appear on this list eventually. But this particular entry is focused on Brotherhood, a transitional album if there ever was one. Where PC & L’s was arty and experimental, and Low Life was poppy and synth oriented, Brotherhood is darker and rockier than anything in their cannon. Well, maybe not darker than Movement, now that I think about it. Bizarre Love Triangle was the ‘hit’, but songs like Weirdo and Paradise are two of their best songs. That this album was split into a ‘rock side’ and a ‘dance side’ is beside the point. The only misstep, and it’s a small one in my opinion, is Every Little Counts, with Sumner giggling like a stoned teenager while attempting to get through the childish lyrics. But hey, at least they were having fun! This is a great album, overall, and was the stepping stone to what I now consider to be their best.