Reason #385 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Wha’ppen?

whappenWha’ppen? totally passed me by, for reasons I can only assume were down to my, um, maturity level around that time. The debut, I Just Can’t Stop It was a blistering punk/ska classic and when I first heard Wha’ppen? I was totally bewildered and a lot under whelmed. This, at the time, felt like a giant reggae influenced downer save a couple of stand out singles (Doors Of Your Heart, I Am Your Flag, etc). Fast forward 31 years to 2012 which saw the release of the semi-complete Complete Beat, which I purchased immediately, and Wha’ppen? sounds like the best damn thing the Beat ever did. It’s astounding how time can change your perceptions, isn’t it?