Reason #386 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Angst In My Pants

angstI am quite new to the musical delights of Sparks. A good friend of mine has been recommending I try them on for size for quite a while now, and I eventually did, and I am terribly upset that I missed these guys 1st time around. They’re goofy, fun, musically stunning, creative and dreadfully under appreciated. You’ll never see an album of theirs in a “Top Album” poll, and maybe it’s the fact the brothers seem to be unable to stick to one particular genre that’s lead to their obscurity and why they’re so marginalized. But that, to me, is the exact reason why they should have been HUGE. Here’s allmusic describing their particular ‘brand’: Pop/Rock, R&B, Electronic, New Wave, Punk, Dance Rock, Proto Punk, Synth Pop, Disco, Glam Rock, Club/Dance.

I purchased this one, No. 1 In Heaven and Kimono My House, so far, but unfortunately only this one landed during the ’80’s. Hopefully a couple of you readers out there will be able to point me in the direction of some worthy contenders from this decade that I can research and ultimately add to this ever growing and ultimately futile list!