Reason #388 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Heavy Metal

heavy metalHeavy Metal? Not really, and not unless you consider Donald Fagen, Devo, Cheap Trick and Stevie Nicks “Metal”.  There are some traditional metal artists here, though, like Black Sabbath (the terrific Mob Rules), Sammy Hagar (title track), Blue Oyster Cult (Veteran Of The Psychic Wars…LOVE that title!) and, ahem…Journey (Open Arms). The movie was loosely based on the magazine of the same name, which was a beautiful combination of those old sci-fi E.C.  comic books of the 1950’s (Weird Science, etc), a Twilight Zone episode and Penthouse magazine. There was nudity, lots and lots of nudity. So there’s that, but the stories, and the artwork, were top notch and quite groundbreaking at the dawn of the 1980’s. And this was the soundtrack to the very first movie adaptation of the magazine, and it is a pretty complex and varied one at that, if I do say so myself. Also, it remains enjoyable to this day!