Reason #389 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Happy Families

blancmangeFirst of all…great freakin’ cover, one of my favorites of the decade. Secondly, the music here is some fine, fine electropop.  Imagine a David Byrne fronted Depeche Mode and you’re there.

If you’re here and reading this blog entry then you’re probably familiar with the songs Living On The Ceiling, and Waves; the former a dance floor stormer even better in it’s extended 9 minute version and the later one of the best ’80’s ballads/anthems this side of Ultravox. But check out God’s Kitchen, my introduction to the band way back when, or the early, jerky and terrific album opener I Can’t Explain (no, not a Who cover). The entire album is terrific, far surpassing debuts by giants of the genre such as the a fore mentioned ‘Mode, the Cure or even New Order!