Reason #394 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: New York

lou-reed-newyorkI’m not a huge Lou Reed Fan, I just play one on T.V. I love pretty much everything the Lou Reed led Velvet Underground put out, although I have to admit I really have never gotten the appeal of White Light/White Heat (excepting the title track, which I enjoy), which now that I think about it is probably why I’ve never cottoned to other more modern ‘noise’ bands like Sonic Youth. But the rest, up to Loaded, is pretty terrific. The cover of this, his best album during the ’80’s, I’m convinced, is an homage to the Ramones debut album, but I can’t prove it.

 As far as Reed’s solo work is concerned, I own 4 of his albums: Berlin (overrated), Transformer (still fantastic!), The Blue Mask (pretty good) and this one, New York. Berlin is symphonic mope rock and pretty much the template for every Cure album ever recorded,  Transformer is The Velvet Underground with eyeliner, the Blue Mask is harder edged and shows Reed getting’ his guitar mojo back and New York is Lou Reed in a studio with crackerjack session men playing on some of the best songs of Reed’s career.

If you only buy one Lou Reed album, make it Transformer. If you want 2, but this.It’s worth it for Dirty Boulevard alone.