Reason #395 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Falling

blue peter-fallingThe first of 3 Blue Peter entries for this here little blog; Falling is first because it’s the first album I purchased by the band and thus remains my sentimental favorite, even if Radio Silence may be a smidgeon better. I wrote, when reviewing the great Arias and Symphonies (by that other great new wave Canadian band, The Spoons) that Blue Peter was the first band I ever saw live, unless you count those freaky robot bears (not to mention the freaky legion of mutant ‘kids’ you see as you float down the river STYX inside It’s A Small World) The Bear’s Jamboree at Disneyland.

Wow, just had a flashback there. Sorry ’bout that. Anyway, after seeing Blue Peter and The Spoons, who both blew my tiny little impressionable mind, I ran right out and purchased Falling and played the crap out of it. Blue Peter was Canada’s answer to ABC; Lexicon Of Love, 1982, Falling 1983. The title track is my favorite, but the classic track that every Canadian remembers is the still-fantastic Don’t Walk Past, one of the best songs of the new wave era that you’ve never heard.