Reason #399 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Keep Moving

madness100 posts down, 400 to go…

Madness’ last great record of the ‘80’s, Keep Moving, was also their last great record for another 25 years. If you don’t own 2009’s The Liberty Of Norton Folgate may I suggest you stop reading this silly blog and go buy it, or download it, immediately?

Keep Moving, my North American version and not the official English one, contained some fantastic pop songs like Wings Of A Dove and The Sun and the Rain, in addition to great album tracks Michael Caine, March Of The Gherkins (great title, that!) and One Better Day. The remaining tracks are all pretty terrific too, but it’s the singles that are the standouts.

Not my favorite Madness album (that would be The Rise and Fall (a later post), but a damn good ‘un!