Reason #400 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: In The Eye Of The Storm

eye of theWhen last we left our Supertramp friends Roger Hodgson had just left the band and the rest of the guys released a jazz-rock inspired prog rock odyssey entitled Brother Where You Bound? So what was Roger up to around this same time? Releasing a very good solo album of his own that, oddly, sounded more like a Supertramp album than Supertramp did at this point.

The best song here is the atmospheric opener, Had A Dream (Sleeping With The Enemy), which is a storming piano-led number that remains his best solo offering to date. It’s followed by a succession of ‘Tramp-like tracks, including In Jeopardy, Hooked On A Problem and the prog/pop epic Only Because Of You. Take the best offerings from this and mix them in with the best from Brother Where You Bound and you’ve got yourself one hell of a good Supertramp record!