Reason #401 The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Brother Where You Bound?

supertrampGive a little bit of love for the only Supertramp album to grace this list. It is here for sentimental reasons, primarily, because a pop classic it is certainly not. Brother Where You Bound? was the first Supertramp album minus co-leader Roger Hodgson (the helium voiced hit maker of the group), and the band wanted to make a statement. Boy did they ever! They went full on jazz fusion prog rock on our asses, as evidenced by the 17 minute title track (with David Gilmour on axe duties for extra credibility!) and blistering lead off track, and last major hit for the band, Cannonball. These are the 2 standouts, the rest are simply ‘OK’. As an album, it’s decent, and certainly far better than the bands previous and Roger’s swan song Famous Last Words. It is here because, quite frankly, I loved this band’s ‘70’s output, and to attempt a full on prog album back in 1985 was brave and, quite frankly, insane.